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ALYSSA LOH is a filmmaker and writer based in New York.

She is a Sundance Lab Fellow and Sundance Institute | Alfred P. Sloan Development Fellow, and she holds an MBA/MFA (filmmaking) from NYU Tisch School of the Arts.

Her essays on technology, surveillance, and visual culture have appeared in ARTFORUM, The Los Angeles Review of Books, and The American Reader, where she served as deputy editor. She sits on the Editorial Board of the history journal Lapham’s Quarterly, and is associated with the collective known as the Friends of Attention.

She co-created the film series Twelve Theses on Attention, which premiered at the Glasgow Biennial in June 2021. The text, alongside stills from the films, was published by Princeton University Press in Spring 2022. The films are now on exhibition at Mana Contemporary.

Alyssa was recently honored with a spot on the Purple List, and her award-winning short Other Bodies (2021) is currently on the festival circuit. She is in post-production on a short film starring Sonoya Mizuno (House of the Dragon, Ex Machina, Devs), An-li Bogan (After Yang), and Juliana Canfield (Succession, The Calling). 

Alyssa holds a BA from Princeton, where she was awarded the Ward Mathis Prize for best short story.

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